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Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common form of male alopecia or male pattern baldness. Over 20 million men in the United Kingdom are suffering from some type of hair loss, where about 40% of them are also less than forty years old. The emotional aspects of hair loss range from anxiety and depression, to frustration and poor self-esteem. Fortunately there are more are options available now, to help slow down and even reverse hair fall.

Unfortunately, treating and diagnosing male pattern baldness or hair loss is not as simple and straightforward as female hair fall. The most important step in the search for answers is to educate you. Being proactive by researching information and seeking solution is the best way to manage your treatment. Many physicians subscribe to the theory that men should immediately begin a treatment of growth stimulates (whether it be doctors prescribed medicine for men, or others).

There are underlying causes for fall of men’s hair. The most common form of hair fall in men is the Androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness. This type of hereditary loss of hair can begin anytime after teenage years and usually occurs in men, if at all before the age of forty. Men who have androgenetic alopecia usually have increased thinning or diffuse hair loss all over, but most noticeably at the part line and top area in the front.

It is extremely important to find a qualified physician to treat loss of hair for men. There are medicines that are specifically aiming at hair regrowth in men. Try to use most populated hair loss treatments for men, which are scientifically designed to help men retain and regrow their hair and stop loss of hair. Some FDA approved medicine is available with prescription. Those medicines come in a tablet form and are used daily for the treatment of male pattern hair fall. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of male hair fall. Hair loss treatment pills are effective in reversing loss of hair in men caused by androgenetic alopecia. Some of the Hair problems are including pattern baldness, thinning of hair and loss of hair. Due to our modern lifestyle and diet many of us suffer from these ailments. Proper medicine can be very beneficial in treating these conditions. To regrow your hair or stop hair fall you should get a good hair loss solution or treatment. Using the general products or treatment can be helpful but not very effective.

For Hair Loss Treatment, some reputed pharmaceutical company Presenting Hair fall treatment medicine. Daily or continues use of those medicines will protects hair from being damage to reduce hair fall. If you are worries about hair fall stopping you from trying new things or style with your hair then you should try hair loss medicine. So you can try any of the new hair styles and hair care products that you have always wanted to. Go on, try something new.

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Your hair reflects your personality and appearance; therefore it needs to be valued. It is a precious crown for women .Also men are very conscious of their hair styles and balding is a horror for them. In order to prevent hair loss, it’s important to know the causes, symptoms and proper treatment.

Gurgaon has a great infrastructure which enables many health institutions to provide medical services to the residents. There are well experienced dermatologists in Gurgaon who can treat your hair loss effectively. You can also undergo a hair transplant procedure if you can afford the expensive treatment.

What are the main causes of hair fall?
Majority of people suffer hair loss due to genetic factors. Chemical hair products like ammonia hair dyes, medicines and dandruff may cause hair fall. Repeated pulling of hair damages hair follicles and results into hair loss. Extreme physical and emotional stress may also cause hair fall. Severe dieting and improper diet (protein deficiency) contributes to poor health of the hair. Serious ailments such as cancer and thyroid are known for tremendous hair loss. Other times, normal variations such as nutritional changes and hormonal changes like those during, pregnancy, puberty and menopause may cause a hair loss.

What are initial symptoms of hair fall?

Before knowing the symptoms, keep in mind that losing 20-50 hair strands a day is normal. Hair fall is a matter of concern if you have symptoms such as: abnormal number of hair strands on your pillow, chunks of hair in your comb, noticeable visible scalp due to thinning.

How to stop or reduce hair fall?

There are some remedies to minimize hair fall. Follow some easy tips and see the results:
Scalp oil massage is the most effective way to reduce hair loss. You can use lukewarm coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil for hair massage .This improves the blood circulation and also greatly helps to minimize dandruff.
Consumption of Aloe Vera juice twice a day prevents hair loss. You can also add triphla powder.
Avoid use of chemicals. If you want to use a hair dye, “ammonia free” dyes does not harm the hair.

Avoid cosmetic hair styling therapies, excessive blow drying or hair ironing.
Eat gooseberry (amla) or apply to the scalp. It provides strength to the roots.
Eat a balanced diet consisting of proteins, iron, fruits, sprouts, and dairy products.
Adopt stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation and pranayam

Consult a dermatologist if you experience abnormal hair fall, itching or bald patches on your scalp. Hair transplant is another option way to treat hair fall and can cost a lot. However, there are other options such as hair growth pills, creams or gels that have been tested and clinically proven to work. For the right and effective treatment of hair loss consult a hair loss specialist in Gurgaon.
What are you waiting for? See a doctor before it’s too late!


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