Hair loss is not an uncommon phenomenon today. Some people lose their hair due to genetic reasons, some people lose their hair due to their lifestyle and some people lose their hair just like that. Of those that lose their hair there are some that don’t mind their bald pate and there are others who simply don’t want their baldness to show. People try many methods – oils for hair growth and wigs to cover their pate. But nothing beats hair transplant when it comes to effectively getting rid of baldness. Hair transplants for hair loss is one of the most common processes people use today even though transplants cost more than other methods.

Hair transplant procedures

There are two ways a hair transplant or hair restoration can be done. In both the processes, hair from other parts of the body or hair from someone else is used in the hair transplant procedure.

In the first process there is the need for surgery and incisions. When someone opts for hair transplant surgery the surgeon first identifies the hair that will be implanted on their bald pate. Then a new hairline is drawn. Incisions are made on the hairline and inside it and every incision is planted with a single hair follicle. At the end of the procedure the incisions are sewed off. In this process of surgery there is a recovery time of about a week.

In the other process there is no need for surgery. Tiny punctures are made on the scalp and the hair follicles are planted inside them. In this case the advantage is that there is no invasive procedure. The punctures are so tiny that there are no scars to speak of. The recovery time is also less than a week. This type of hair transplant is called DHT or direct hair transplant.

Points to keep in mind

There are few things one needs to note when they opt for hair transplant. The hair that is supposed to be grafted on the scalp should match in texture with the rest of the hair on the scalp. If the surgeon sees that there is no matching hair then they let their patients know in advance. The other thing that the surgeon needs to keep in mind is that the hair follicles must be planted in a manner that promotes their natural growth. Hair transplant could also be a very time consuming process because each follicle is implanted separately. But with the modern technology available today, surgeons can plant as many as 3,000 follicles every day.

If you want a permanent solution to your hair loss then there is no better procedure than hair transplant. Investment in this procedure is bound to give you much more in return. under Physicians Hair Transplant Institute Inc.

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