Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) also known as photo bio-stimulation has been used through out the world for over 30 years. International research has shown that photo bio-stimulation of the scalp tissue using low level laser therapy gives numerous positive effects to living cells with no reported side effects.

Photo bio-stimulation converts the Low Level Laser light in to energy which aids the transport of nutrients to the follicle promoting faster growth. The therapeutic light-energy is absorbed by the cells and the process of cell repair begins much the same as photosynthesis.

The combination of Low Level Laser Therapy, natural and prescription medication is proven to stop and reverse hair loss in 98% of participants.

The following medications help in the prevention of Testosterone and 5-Alpha Reductase binding, which in turn keeps DHT levels low (and your hair healthy).

Finasteride is a DHT inhibitor and is only available from your doctor via a prescription. There are many generic variations of Finasteride with the two most common in Australia being Proscar and Finasteride by Sandoz. Sandoz is relatively new to the market, is about $ 40 cheaper and it is also a round pill which makes it easier to cut in to quarters. Both Sandoz ($ 75) and Proscar ($ 115) contain 30 tablets, so around 3 packs will see out the year.
Costing for Finasteride for one year will be around $ 225.
Recommended dosage = Take 1/4 of a tablet daily

Loniten is an oral form of Minoxidil and is only available from your doctor via a prescription. Loniten is another easy tablet to cut as it also comes in a round pill and it costs $ 75 for 100 tablets. It will cost around $ 300 per year for 4 bottles of Loniten.
Recommended dosage = Take 1/2 a tablet each day

Finasteride + Loniten can be purchased from any pharmacy with a prescription.
Tip: You can save up to 15% by purchasing in bulk.
Do not purchase these medications through a hair loss clinic, they will only add their mark up.

Minoxidil is a topical solution, which can be purchased on the Internet (from around $ 60 for 6 months supply). It is oily so if you want to only apply it at night then do so; you will still get great results. There are different variations of topical solutions around like Rogaine, Xandrox, Revivogen and Crinagen they all contain similar ingredients so you can decide which one you use. A topical solution per year will be around $ 150.
Recommended dose = 1mL twice a day

Saw Palmetto is a natural DHT inhibitor. It is also a natural stimulant for the happy spots. Bottles vary in sizing and price so you can search the internet for price comparisons or you can purchase the best deal right here on our “product tab”. A 120 capsule bottle will set you back around $ 55 and a one year supply around $ 330.
Recommended dose = 1 capsule twice a day

Do not give up or expect overnight results, it takes a few months to see results (changes in your scalp condition) and around 6-8 months to see regrowth. Remember these are only treatments not cures and as with any treatment you must continue use if you want results.

Also that it is the combination of medications (to prevent and treat DHT build up) and Low Level Laser Therapy (to stimulate follicle re-generation and growth) that yield the best results. You can not do one without the other.

Joe Tyson, Director, Regrow Your Own
For more information on hair regrowth and the new Hair Regrowth system now available in Australia, readers can visit www.regrowyourown.com

Joe Tyson is author of this article on Hair loss treatments.

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