Managing and properly styling your hair reflects a lot on who you are. It seems that women are more conscious when it comes to hair as compared to men. For women, the hair is their crowning glory. But recently, men are also beginning to be aware of the value of having healthy and thick hair.

Using onion juice is not the only natural treatment to be used against hair loss as many other herbs are believe to have a positive affect on hair loss and retention of hair, but as with the onion juice the scientific proofs are still missing. One of the reasons for the lack of proof is that these scientific tests are extremely expensive and there are currently no major companies in the market with a sufficient economical strength to carry through these tests and until that happens the only proofs of bettering hair loss comes from the products offered my the companies behind Rogaine and Propecia.

Aloe Vera, Nettle, Stinging Nettle herb helps in purifying the blood that helps in hair growth. Other herbs like Arnica, Birch, catmint, Chamomile, Burdock, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage etc. are equally important, whose juices and extracts are widely used for this treatment.

Thinning hair in women can also be caused by the repeated use of perms, relaxers, styling gels and other hair products which contain harsh chemicals These chemicals can strip away the structure of the strands making them weak.

The heat from blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons can also damage the strands and lead to excessive shedding.

A mixture made of olive oil, honey and cinnamon powder, applied before washing your hair and kept on the scalp for fifteen minutes. Alma juice and lime juice used for washing your hair or for incorporating them in your regular shampoo.

Green tea contains substances that can stop DHT or dihydrotestosteroen from blocking and ultimately killing your hair follicles. By drinking just a few good cups of green tea, each day, you will be able to save your hair follicles from devastation and improve your hair volume gradually.

Sometimes the body is deficit in some vitamins which are essential for healthy growth of hair. You should always check that your diet includes all the major vitamins and mineral required for a meal to be well balanced.


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