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21 Responses to ♥ [ Holistic beauty ] ♥ Raw onion juice for major hair growth

  • paul1967 says:

    what music is at the beginning please,i love it

  • Ravi Sharma says:

    onion juice and other herbs mentioned in the video are known to be
    effective as far as hair loss is concerned. numerous such remedies have
    been described in ancient Indian Ayurved texts.

  • Patricia Remacova says:

    Is this also good for having thin hair getting strenght, because I got
    myself hair extensions and they are shoving through at the top on my
    head… And also I need my hair to grow faster cause my hair is really
    lazy, most of the people have maybe one cm per month and I have 2-3 cms per
    6 months so… yeah … please tell me and I hope this will help me then ;)

  • hussain r says:

    thanks for sharing …) how to use it and after how much time i wash my

  • Yep Research says:

    you can also just grate an onion 🙂 not necessary juice it 

  • FreedomforEuropa21stCentury says:


  • ericktwelve11 says:

    do you guys know how to make onion juice i really want to learn please
    help guys

  • ron leonor says:

    Im doin it now i hope it really works. I mean i know the reason wht my hair
    is fall8ng i hope this one really helps. Will give feedback after a frw
    weeks or so. GODBLESS

  • Dr. Sara Lea Salas says:

    Nice home remedy for hair loss. This may not work for all as there are
    different extents of hair loss but there’s no harm in trying!

  • stzebi says:

    This explains why turkish people are hairy, lol gooby pls

  • justjamie7474 says:

    what is the recipe?? I have tried and tried to find the blog with it? can
    someone please help??

  • shivam bhadri says:

    can we use anything lz for preventing the smell , like lemon or

  • SN mehta says:

    My son losing hair since he was 6 year old now he is 15 vary sad I need
    some help 🙁

  • Bellarmine Achi says:

    I hope mine works tho

  • MOONevergrey says:

    Can I use onion powder?

  • Alex Tepetate says:

    I need to know if this really works . Anybody pliz tell me .

  • China Kly says:

    Scary..after I applied Raw onion to my hair and I let it on for 1 hour.
    When I go shower and shampoo, GOSHHHHHHHHHH my hair felt off a lot. It
    suppose to be like that??? If my hair fall off that much I am sure within a
    month I go bald.

  • Petite bantu says:

    thanks for sharing

  • Mike Hunt says:

    I had a former coworker who rather than use actually onion juice, she used
    onion and garlic skin which she boiled and it worked wonders for my hair.
    Too bad we are no longer friends. it didn’t smell at all like onions or
    garlic. I use to go to the supermarkets and collect the garlic and onion
    skins for her. she claim to have found the recipe online but I cannot find
    it myself.

  • Arjun K says:

    How often should it be used, I apply juice twice a week, is it enough?
    Because applying it daily would require a hair wash everyday which is not
    suggestive I guess ..

  • Zacaria Lyric says:

    what is the name of the song please?


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