– Randy Clark, the owner of Randy Clark and Associates demonstrates his Hair For Life product, that is designed as a lifetime answe…
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17 Responses to Men’s Hair Loss – Dallas, Texas – Hair Piece

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    Thank you, its always great to hear positive comments. 

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    With over 35 years in the business we’ve had more young male and female
    client’s trying these systems than ever before and really happy with the

  • paul coates says:

    I agree with Felix. Best I’ve ever seen too.

  • Anwar Sedar says:

    I have tried several hair loss oil and products. From my personal
    experience what really made drastic results for hair loss and regrow hair
    is called argan life… It comes in a 250ml bottle anti hair loss shampoo 

  • concerned11 says:

    PROPEClA causes PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTI0N in most men ! Don’t believe
    Merck’s claim that the side-effects are “rare and temporary” Also beware:
    Merck employees are posting FAKE VIDEO TESTIMONlALS about Propecia on
    youtube. The following uploaders work for Merck: “HairlossFromSteroids,
    Alan Bauman, SamlamMD, belgraviacentre, justjoe9073, SPEXX” If you have
    hairloss, just shave your head ! That’s it ! Don’t destroy your life by
    going on Finasteride!

  • 73HNiNJ4 says:

    Hmm this looks like my future haha. I am 21 and the front of my head is
    rapidly losing hair. I have lost like 40 percent of the hair density there
    within the past like 5 months

  • NIXNKNOXX says:

    Hello Randy, about what would your system cost over a year, with 4 week
    maintenance periods? And could you recommend someone in 37917 zip area?

  • scooterbugs25 says:


  • chipotlee90 says:

    honestly being bald sucks and especially at a young age. Im 22 and
    completely bald. It has lead me to have no social life and a very low self
    esteem. I cant even apply for jobs without feeling uncomfortable. And girls
    my age want to live it up and be with good looking guys before they get
    older. girls are looking for physical attraction during young age. and
    older age women are looking for a guy with money. which i dont have. living
    life bald= shit.

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    Would you like for me to find someone in your area?

  • Wildfox01 says:

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I reside on the other side of the
    Atlantic, in England. I didn’t have to pay the full amount, but it’s the
    principle and also the embarrassment it caused me.

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    Have them try the Platinum Geo. Its ultra thin and should give you the two
    weeks that you need.

  • scooterbugs25 says:

    I wished I lived there, I would be sure to come visit you! My hair looks so
    bad. I have genetic balding and oh my Ive teased and fluffed and blow dried
    and saved hair from my brushes to stick in my hair and hair spray it on my
    head. btw. . im a guy!

  • BulletProofSoul74 says:

    Hello Randall! I was impressed with this hair piece. I’m 38 and have been
    balding since my mid twenties. I’m not sure how much this all costs, don’t
    want to break the bank.. but is there anyone in San Francisco bay area?

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    What are they offering you for the $4,000.00?

  • Randall M. Clark says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for you. It must be miserable not have
    anything better to do than run down something that makes a lot of people
    happy. Have you thought about therapy or maybe a job to keep you occupied?

  • MH2GO says:

    Great Video, its almost like the Silk Top system we offer our clients


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